Wow- It's been too long

We are finally not sick any longer. This was the worst, weirdest flu I think I have ever had! Now that it is over, it is time to get back in touch with my spiritual side.

One night I woke up so achy I knew I had to do something! I remembered reading about connecting with everyone and everything; imagining lines of light that connects us all. So I felt myself tingle and light up, and I connected with my children Brandy and Tessa lit up the quickest, when I "touched" them, but Tessa burst into glowing light. That is my healthy little girl! Bruce was a little harder, and I concentrated on healing us and making us better. After Bruce I reached out for Austin who was the sickest of us all. When I got to him, parts of him were in shadow, like a blankness streaking his body. It was harder to connect with him, which didn't surprise me since he has PDD NOS (an autism spectrum disorder). But it was the darkness that concerned me. I worked with him until he was fully glowing as well, concentrating on happy, healthy and whole- mind, body and spirit. After working with my children, I instinctively connected with my husband, who was over a thousand miles away. Time and space are an illusion; this is something I firmly believe and this experience confirmed this. I knew where he was, what the place looked like, and I saw his sleeping shape. I knew he was getting sick also (he drank out of my Pepsi, I told him not to!) and we connected, he lit up and I thought healing thoughts. Then I connected with one of his parents; this happened unintentionally. He was staying at his parents house. The first form lit up quickly, like Tessa, but the second form was almost entirely dark like Austin. There was only a spark, and this form didn't seem connected to the lines of light. I tried and tried to connect but failed, so I, again instinctively, reached out through the form sleeping next to him. I imagined what I think to be Wolf's mother's hand touching Wolf's father's hand in her sleep. What happened next amazed me. He lit up in a burst of the brightest, whitest light! But then it seemed she was draining of light; I think this may be because she was his only link! He is very sick; he has MS. So I quickly centered his energy, thinking about healing mind, body and spirit. This stopped the siphoning, and I centered Wolf's mom, Wolf, the kids and myself.

I have no idea where the idea for this came from. I didn't even mean for it to happen. I know that Austin's problem is genetic, because everyone says he just acts like the rest of the men in Wolf's family. It is a social disorder, but I never thought how deeply it could go. I hope the darkness I saw in Austin is related to this only, and that he is not physically sick. I know that I need to work with him to heal him spiritually. He is young yet, and there is hope for him. I need to focus and remember to help him. I need to research ways to do this. He has genuine interest in meditating and in dumping negative energy. I should do these exercises with him daily but have been forgetting. This is partly because we were sick and I myself was getting depressed again.

I am pretty sure the dark form at my in-laws was my FIL. My MIL can be negative at times, but she is very healthy and hardly ever gets sick. She can be very nice when her life is going good. My FIL is very anti social and internal. I think he is Autistic as well, and I know he is very ill. I hope this exercise helped them as well as us. I tried to banish this flu, and we did get better. Austin was getting better, then he would go to school for a day, but he would get sick all over again. This stopped happening.

Last night Tessa woke up and vomited, and Austin's tummy hurt, but I am going to assume it is linked to eating lunchables yesterday. They didn't have the same dinner, but they both had cold lunch. I got the items from the same store. The kids are fine now. Brandy still has a low grade fever and a cough, but the nurse who gave her shots said it could be allergies and just to watch her. Bruce is very healthy and has his appetite back, but is still a bit ornery.

Any tips on helping Austin stay connected and spiritual healing would be appreciated. I know that positive people live healthier lives. I learned that in college. :D

Also, if anyone knows what the hell happened that night, I sure would appreciate it. I have to go now.

Until next time!


Marlee said...

Soryy hun no idea *shrug*

Candace said...

What happened that night? You were being a good witch!
Glad you're feeling better.

Gail said...

Sorry to hear everyone sick. Nathanial said his three kids were sick on Christmas. By the way I corrected my blog about which state to live in which was my origanl intent. I must of had a brain fart because I forgot you guys,even thought it was on my mind. I love you all. love mmom