I Believe

Husband says he doesn't believe in magic. I say then why are you reading a book about magic? He says it isn't about magic, he says it is about plants. I ask why he is so supportive of me if he doesn't believe, and he doesn't answer me.

He doesn't believe? He doesn't want to participate? This hurts me for deeply. Hmmm, I think this means that I truly do believe. Thank you for the confirmation, dear one!


Zanthera said...

Its perception not everyone can get. A psych nurse whom I adore sees people who believe in magic are productive psychotic people. Well she tells me indirectly. She likes to ask me once in a while if I just don't see this "perception" as a form of psychosis. Oh man I love philosophizing with this woman!

My hubby doesn't believe in magic itself but does in the spirit realm and astral traveling. He sometimes will accidentally astral travel... bloody S O B! I have trouble doing it on my own. Another reason why I wanted to astral travel last night, to get some practice. I'm like a 3yo driving a car while astral traveling.

We're pretty awesome at doing Ouija together on the other hand.

Lavender said...

Never done Ouija, really. My folks freaked about that stuff.